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The past can teach you lessons that will help you move forward into the future. Marriage is presented in the novel. The ideal marriage would be for love.

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However sometimes people marry for convenience hoping that love will follow. The theme of love runs throughout the novel. Love is also closely linked to hurt. When one loves deeply, there is also the potential to be hurt deeply. The only one guaranteed never to hurt us is God. Your heart is always safe in His hands. Life can be a battle at times. Sometimes a literal battle as in the civil war.

It can also be a battle not to fall into sin. Caryl McAdoo has presented very real characters who do face very real problems and who do fall into sin. However she shows that it is important not to judge people. It is important to love and to forgive. We are all sinners in comparison with God. And we are all saved by a love that sent Jesus to the cross.

I enjoyed Just Kin and devoured it quickly. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Jan 27, Deana Dick rated it it was amazing.

Lacey Rose has been in love with Charley forever. She is heartbroken when he goes off to war. When she receives a letter from Charley that they are "just kin" it breaks her heart.

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Can you imagine being sixteen, in love and receive a letter like that.? Lacey decides she can't take the pain and runs away from home. How many of us run away from our problems? We think by running away the problem is left behind, but it follows us everywhere until we deal with it. Lacey becomes mixed up with more than Lacey Rose has been in love with Charley forever. Lacey becomes mixed up with more than she bargained for. In the story there is prostitution, gambling, drinking and pre marital sex. For some readers this may be offensive , but the author uses these as tools to show what happens when you turn your back on God.

Lacey finds herself doing things she thought she would never be part of, but sometimes we have to find out for ourselves what it is like without God guiding our path. It seems that Lacey is looking for love, but has forgotten her first love , God.

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As you read the book, the author has done a great job of giving us characters that are not perfect and find themselves being judged by others. Are we guilty of judging someone when they fall into sin? We have all been in a place in our life where we needed compassion and love, but like Lacey there were people who turned their backs on her because they couldn't look past the imperfections.

Lacey learns some hard lessons and realizes that running from your past is not the answer. One of the many themes in the book is about forgiveness. It is hard to do, especially when you have to forgive yourself first. I loved how the author shows us that sometimes when we are rejected, we feel like the world is caving in, The good news is that God loves us and will never leave us. The story was very well written and I appreciate how the author shows us through a story, that "love covers a multitude of sin. Do we do the same for others?

Can we look past the sin without judgment? Thanks for a book that reaches into the raw emotions of people and shows us through love and forgiveness, that our past does not define who we are today. Apr 18, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical , christian-romance , drama , christian-novel , kindle-unlimited. You may have noticed my earlier ratings for Books were not as high as this one, but I have to say each one has truly built upon the other and gotten better and better.

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The characters do pull you in and keep you coming back. In some of the earlier novels, there was a little too much lag space. Or should I say writing that I felt unnecessary to the novel and were ea 4. Or should I say writing that I felt unnecessary to the novel and were easy to skim over. Occasionally, that existed in some of each of the books, even this one. But overall, the series has been really good. McAdoo pens characters that are not perfect. In fact, sometimes they are far from it.

This not only makes them seem real and more relatable but makes for a good story! Who doesn't like a good redemption story?! I know I do!

I also, love prodigal stories; and both book 4 and 6 would fall into this category. I would also, have to say that these are my favorite two books out of this series so far. This last book I cannot stop thinking about it! So much happened and there are parts that I hope to see wrapped up in future books. That is one thing McAdoo does, she doesn't always tie up everything in a nice neat bow. Not that you don't get a good ending, you do; but true to life there are some things left unfinished or that don't work out perfectly.

Just Kin, really takes you on a roller coaster ride with Lacey!

Just Kin (Texas Romance #6) by Caryl McAdoo

While at times I did not like her attitude nor her choices, I did like seeing her redeemed. Charley's story really didn't hold much for me until almost to the halfway point of the book but then he too, made some not so good choices. These choices have consequences, and some may be far reaching I can't say more because I do not like spoilers! I will add that I wish there had been more time with Charley and Lacey together.

The end wrapped up too quick and left me highly anticipating seeing the rest of this story played out in another book! I hope! Overall, a fast paced story that will grab hold of you until the end! I had to stay up and finish this one in one day! Jan 25, Debbie rated it it was amazing.