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I'm mainly writing this because I nearly skipped over this audible book because of the negative comments. I am glad I didn't. Would you recommend this book to a friend?

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Why or why not? Gives a pretty detailed account of the sequence of events.

Desert Shield - Desert Storm (1990 - 1991)

I am actually a gulf war vet according to Congress' definition no direct combat for me though , but I learned a lot of things I hadn't known about it from this book. Could you see Crusade being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be? One sub-plot has sort of already been done with "Jarhead", but there are a lot of other things that could probably be turned into a movie. And it would probably be a pretty decent film if they did the whole thing. Any additional comments? One annoying thing is the author's unconcealed political grandstanding at various points.

The book would have been a lot better if he could have restrained himself on that point. The content of the book is excellent. It covers in detail the events of the war with the same piercing insight and level of research one finds in other great works about war such as The Guns of August. A distinguishing feature shows in the moments where small jokes and levities of the individual soldier and squad are sprinkled in to highlight the human experience of the war. He is unable to pronounce dozens of relevant words, mangling well know names so badly they are not recognizable, butchering place names, and at times even stumbling over basic vocabulary to render comprehension difficult.

Go compund his staggering failures of pronunciation which you will encounter every few minutes for the duration , he also stutters through the book like Captain Kirk with his brain set to stun. He often says the first syllable of a sentence, pauses for several seconds, and then restarts.

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These pauses are perfectly timed to make you think the recording is paused by accident or you are receiving a call if listening on a phone. Would you consider the audio edition of Crusade to be better than the print version? In fact, I got most of the way through this, then ordered it in hardcover. What did you like best about this story? Atkinson has a knack for finding a perfect middle-ground between The War as an event run by entire coalitions of governments and massive military units on the one side, and the troops in the proverbial trenches on the other side.

It is therefore more readable than a history of politics and policy or of divisional maneuvers and terrain, while being broader in scope than, say, Jarhead. Stylistically, his writing brings things to life while giving the "big picture" history. How does this one compare? This was my first. As other reviewers have doubtlessly pointed out, he mispronounces household names like Dick Cheney and Colin Powell. He also pronounces Arabic place names oddly; though "Sa-OO-di" may well be technically correct, it's not how anyone pronounced it when I was there twice with Operation Southern Watch.

Unfortunately no. The narrator's inability to pronounce simple words correctly consistently detracted from the grand scale of the story. While some of these words were understandable i. If someone familiar with the content "proof-listened" his recording, it certainly didn't show. The story was fantastic and well-written however, the narrator cannot pronounce a word to save his life. Even simple names you couldn't pronounce. It's a shame because the story is well written well-researched and provides excellent insight in to the National Command Authority in time of war.

The narration of this book was horrible. The way that some names were pronounced was bad and long pauses during the narration. Answers questions, dispells myths , sometimes unpleasantly, but all in all a good account of a moment in US history. It's difficult to give a clean assessment of the story here, because the pronunciations of the narrator, Jeff Riggenbach are so atrocious. I mean really, to mispronounce Dick Cheney's name throughout the entire book takes a special effort.

And that's just one example. Are there no editors? And who is this guy related to anyway? As a Vietnam vet, I was interested in the story. This was painful, and distracted greatly from the content. Like everything Atkinson writes, well researched, thorough, and detailed. This is just as good as his other stuff. Riggenbach did a good just with the narration but the a long pauses peppered throughout.

I assume they indicate new paragraphs. They are a little off putting but not ruinously so. Get a free audiobook. Written by: Rick Atkinson. Narrated by: Jeff Riggenbach. Length: 24 hrs and 31 mins. Categories: History , Military. People who bought this also bought Millett, Peter Maslowski, William B. What the critics say "An engrossing account. Rich in pertinent details, the powerful narrative leaps nimbly from Washington to Riyadh. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. No reviews are available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent.

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