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Research from the Programme is changing the way we think about religion in the UK and beyond. The books, articles and other outputs from the research are listed as they appear.

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Latest News New series of Westminster Faith Debates announced for Spring 02 December 13 In our increasingly globalised world, religion is changing fast. The CSRS hosts a vibrant community of interdisciplinary scholars, researchers, students, artists, and community members through its diverse fellowship programs. To learn more about the people who make our centre unique, visit the "about us" page.

The CSRS is host to an array of events including lectures, conferences, symposia, field-trips and a film series. Detailed information about our current offerings is available on our events page. A variety of students, faculty members, visiting researchers, and community sabatticants call the centre their home. Visit our fellowships page to learn more about becoming part of the CSRS community.

Research and publishing are at the heart of centre activities. To learn more and find the most up-to-date information about CSRS book projects and research networks, visit the research and publications page. You can also reach us by phone, email, or fax: Phone : Email : csrs uvic. Facebook : Check us out on Facebook for news and events related to religion and society.

Skip to global menu. Skip to primary navigation. Onze docenten en hoogleraren zijn meer dan bereid om hun professionele netwerk van alle mogelijke belangrijke historische instellingen binnen en buiten Amsterdam voor hun studenten aan te spreken. Wil je bijvoorbeeld stage lopen bij het Rijksmuseum, het Scheepvaartmuseum, of het Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis? Dat kan! Ook kun je ervoor kiezen om stage te lopen bij een toekomstig werkgever, zoals een ministerie of bedrijf. Wil je het verder van huis zoeken?

The Functionalist Perspective on Religion | Boundless Sociology

De VU biedt uitstekende mogelijkheden om een halfjaar of langer in het buitenland door te brengen. Ronald Kroeze Email: d.

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Admission is based on a strict selection procedure. For international students the level of studied academic theory needs to be based on the course description, literature list and sample of academic writing, due to a lack of distinction between applied and academic universities abroad.

You can already apply online without having the test results. Below you will find the minimum English test scores for the English taught programmes at the Faculty of Humanities:. Step 1: Meet admission criteria Step 2: Prepare documents and apply online Please prepare the following documents. You can find an explanation of each document on the application page.

All documents should be provided in English. After having prepared the required documents, please follow the online application procedure. After you have completed the application, our international student advisors will contact you via email. Step 3: Await decision on admission The admission board will review your application as soon as it is complete.

Normally this takes about four weeks, but it might take longer in busy periods so be sure to apply as soon as possible. If you gain admission, you will receive a letter of conditional admission by email.

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You can start planning your move to Amsterdam! Step 4: Finalize your registration and move to Amsterdam! Make sure to finalize your registration as a student before the start of the programme. Here you will find an explanation what to do after admission. When all conditions are met you will be ready to start your programme at VU Amsterdam!


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All programmes A to Z. Master History Specialisation Religion and Society The MA History programme Religion and Society focusses on understanding the changing role of religion s in society from Antiquity up until the present. Master's Evening Tuesday 3 December. Study programme Study programme. Career Prospects. Why VU Amsterdam.

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Other specialisations. Nederlandse Studenten Toelatingseisen en aanmelden. In deze fase dien je de volgende documenten te uploaden: cijferlijst scan van origineel vakbeschrijvingen m.