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In terms of the Dhyanalinga that's an interesting story as well, and may very well be worth visiting. May 29, Gs. Subbu rated it it was amazing. What captivates is his erudition and his slightly nasal but deep voice which holds the listeners attention. Psychotherapists happened to us. Books and conversations happened to us Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard and Krishnamurti spouting friends happened to us. Gurus belonged to another era — a simpler world where there were simpler divides between the leader and the led.

The only guru I could envisage was the sage in a B-grade Indian mythological movie with a candyflos beard and an air of constipated benignity. It was in that she says something decisive happened in her life, she felt she was dying, nothing physical or psychological or depression. After a prolonged experimentation with various methods and yoga, she came to the conclusion that the answers if any, were to be found within oneself. Then in May she attended a talk by someone called Sadhguru. That perhaps was the starting point for this book — a way of understanding who this man was and what was it that he conveyed.

A skeptic in the beginning, one gets a feeling of a slow but a steady transformation into a believer.

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This book is a fascinating journey of a man born Jagdish Vasudev to a Sadhguru. One may or may not believe all that is written in the book about the life of Jaggi Vasudev especially where he talks of his various previous births and the quest to establish the Dhyanalinga, which reaches fruition only in this birth.

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I am a skeptic, but I also want to believe. I have not been able to grasp the significance of the Dhyanalinga being made up of pure energy and the processes involved in establishing it. I found the book engrossing felt totally involved reading it. But I would like to quote some portions from the book here which I found illuminating and of significance to our own questions. Even now that is so.

It is just that you are creating it unconsciously. It entails not an acquisition of knowledge, but an unlearning of received wisdom. What was limited knowing has become boundless unknowing. Perhaps that is enough? She has written a prose work, The Book of Buddha, and co-edited an anthology of contemporary Indian love poetry in English, Confronting Love.

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She describes herself as a wondering, protesting, but committed Isha yoga practitioner and perhaps more of a devotee than she lets on. Aug 16, Nitesh Kumar Aggarwal rated it it was amazing. Most inspiring book I've ever read. Sadhguru is a spectrum beyond comprehension.

Jaggi Vasudev

Jun 17, Natasha rated it it was amazing. For as long as I can remember, I have felt that there was something more to life than what I was experiencing. I've been seeking since I was a child.

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  • It is only in this year that Sadhguru came into my life, and to say I have experience positive changes in my life would be an understatement. I used to wonder, 'how can I begin to describe what he has ignited in me? I have gone from avoiding For as long as I can remember, I have felt that there was something more to life than what I was experiencing.

    I have gone from avoiding my life to making each and every breath consciously count. I have gone from self destruction to relishing every moment I am blessed with.

    Sri Krishna Leela -- Episode 26 -- Life on Fast Forward -- By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev HD

    Words could never describe what Sadhguru has done to me. This book was an emotional ride for me. It's been a long time since I have read something that flows so exquisitely, that makes me laugh and gives me a lump in my throat within the same couple of pages. Arundhathi Subramaniam has such a talent for weaving words together with a perfect amount of questioning and emotion. When I read this book, she is a seeker just like I am. There is no air of superiority, there is humbleness in her interactions with Sadhguru, a childlike curiousity that reassures me that I am not the only one who thinks about whether or not others will ever be able to comprehend the gravity of our guru's presence in my life.

    Sadhguru's life events are chronicled so beautifully in this book, I simply didn't want it to end. Sadhguru today is a big national celebrity and is being closely followed by the media and specially youth. This book is in a way his concise biography which gives us a broad view of his nature, early life and work. It also gives a description of the inception and evolution of the Isha Foundation. I picked up the book due to my inclination to spirituality and as I have already had a taste of Sadhguru's literature earlier this was an obvious pick. The book does justice with my expectations and did Sadhguru today is a big national celebrity and is being closely followed by the media and specially youth.

    The book does justice with my expectations and did gave me a glimpse into the journey of Sadhguru from a kid to becoming a Guru. A large part of the story is about his earlier incarnations and his relations with people around him who were also his companions in earlier lifes. But, what I didn't took in grt taste was the middle section of the book where the whole story seems to revolve around the subtle conflicts of Bharti and Vijji and about Vijji's inclination to take mahasamadhi. I took that chapter in really bad taste and I really would like to change that had it been a work of fiction, which sadly it isn't.

    I am also very well aware of the controversy surrounding the death of Vijji Sadhguru's wife and his relations with a disciple. I don't know the truth but it's probably why I hated it when the author was pressing so much on the story of relations between Bharti and Vijji because what I was interested in was not actually the explanation to the controversy but a glimpse of the spiritual master. Jan 01, Phanindra rated it really liked it Shelves: spirituality , non-fiction. I read this book many years back when it was first published. But reading it again now, I realized that there are many aspects of Sadhguru's life, his teaching and his work that I did not register in my mind.

    After this reading I do not understand Sadhguru any better but it does make me realize the scope of his "enigmatic personality" once again.

    SADHGURU : MORE THAN A LIFE Paperback (English)

    I am very impressed with the way Arundhati Subramaniam wrote this book. She could have easily showered praises on Sadhguru but she refrains from doing I read this book many years back when it was first published. She could have easily showered praises on Sadhguru but she refrains from doing that. She has a very personal tone at some places, but mostly offers an objective presentation of Sadhguru. She interviewed lot of people and even quizzed Sadhguru asking him some hard questions. We feel the "honesty" with which she wrote the book and that gives the book an authentic feel and convinces the reader that this book is not just a marketing effort to elevate Sadhguru.

    In fact, some not so flattering aspects of Sadhguru are revealed in this book and I admire Sadhguru for his openness! I recommend this book to all those who want to know more about the phenomenon called Sadhguru. It details his life before he became a Guru, his 3 past lives, his marriage and death of his wife and Dhyanalinga consecration, his life-work. It is a fascinating tale that is sure to enthrall devotees, non-devotees, skeptics and critics alike! Oct 31, Harmeet Singh rated it it was amazing. I bow down in gratitude of having the priveledge of reading this book and thank Sadhguru for revealing the journey of his life and Arundhathi of beautifully capturing it in the form of this book.

    I'm not left with much to speak as I only bought this book to know more about the Guru who seemed to be trending on YouTube, nowadays.