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This layer has a different crystalline structure and composition from both Pd and ZrO2. "Interface Reactions during Metal/Ceramic Diffusion Bonding", Microelectronics International, Vol. 7 Issue: 2, pp, dispthrougpikechild.cf eb

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Hayat, H. Awan, Irfan U. Keyword Case-based reasoning Lazy machine learning Soft-computing Case-base maintenance. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Peer-Reviewed Yes. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract Case-based reasoning CBR is a nature inspired paradigm of machine learning capable to continuously learn from the past experience.

Each newly solved problem and its corresponding solution is retained in its central knowledge repository called case-base. It results into performance bottleneck as the number of comparisons of each new problem with the existing problems also increases with the case-base growth.

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To address this performance bottleneck, different case-base maintenance CBM strategies are used so that the growth of the case-base is controlled without compromising on the utility of knowledge maintained in the case-base. This research work presents a hybrid case-base maintenance approach which equally utilizes the benefits of case addition as well as case deletion strategies to maintain the case-base in online and offline modes respectively.

The proposed maintenance method has been evaluated using a simulated model of autonomic forest fire application and its performance has been compared with the existing approaches on a large case-base of the simulated case study. Sun and G. Leake and D.

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