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Lions Roar That Proclaims Zhantong

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Online Introduction To Toric Varieties 1993

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The *Lion's Roar That Proclaims Zhantong by Ju Mipham Namgyal TEACHINGS

If there is let me know. He was regarded as one of the most knowledgeable people of his time on the Buddhist view. For that reason, Naropa told Marpa the Translator that he should not get the view from him but should go to Maitripa and get it from him.

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Thus Maitripa became the source of the view for the Kagyu lineage. Maitripa is also famous for having re-discovered the Uttaratantrashastra of Maitreya which had been lost till that time. Having recovered the text from an old stupa, Maitreya appeared to him and transmitted the profound meaning associated with that text.

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  5. In many ways, he was the source of the Other Emptiness gzhan stong style teaching of Maitreya and Asanga that came into Tibet. This work explains Other Emptiness very extensively, presenting many texts from the Kagyu tradition.

    The Lion's Roar That Proclaims Zhantong

    Many Westerners have developed the idea, from reading texts like this of Mipham, that Other Emptiness is all about extremely difficult philosophy. In fact, it is not; it is a teaching meant for practice! This other major work will show the practical side of Other Emptiness.

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